Everything To Know About Roofing Proposals

Selecting a reliable contractor to re-roof your house can be a daunting task. Because roofing might be a significant expense, better hire Dragon Roofing for roof restoration as such roofers know what need be done to get the best results. If this is the first time you enlist a roofer, remember that their proposal is essential. To create a roofing proposal, a contractor needs the following info:

  1. Schedule: If you are constructing a new house, the deadline can be vital as you need to have the roofing system installed before starting interior construction. So make sure to specify the expected day of completion.
  2. Preferred materials: There are many material options like asphalt, ceramic or metal. They are different in colours, finishes and prices, so make sure to consider carefully.
  3. Budget: You need to tell the contractor how much money you plan to pay for a new roof. It’s hard to give a specific number, so do basic research and give them the rough estimate.

Once you have provided the essential information for the potential contractor, the will make a roofing proposal, which is an outline of what the roofer will do in your house. Some factors to consider in roofing proposals include:

  • Materials used: The contractor should specify exactly which materials they will use in the project, from their names and manufacturers to the grade and style. This would enable you to compare different proposals and choose the best option for your home.
  • Timeframe: A proposal also needs to include a comprehensive schedule of the whole project, including the starting and ending date. Most roofing projects don’t last long, but they can be inconvenient for those people who are living in the home, so it is essential to know precisely when the roofer will visit and how long should they wait until the roof has been done.
  • Warranty: Roofs typically have a warranty. There will be the warranty on the materials and the work of the roofer. So the proposal needs to highlight and explain the specific terms of each warranty as well as suggest what will be covered under each term. This will help to ensure that you have protected when the work isn’t completed as expected.
  • Payment: Another essential thing to include in a roofing proposal is the payment method and date. Some contractors accept instalments, while others want up-front. By explaining specifically, it will reduce the risk of disputes.
  • Liabilities: A reliable roofing contractor should detail their responsibilities in the proposal. Make sure to check if and how insurance covers those liabilities when an accident occurs. This is important because it can tell you the reputability of a roofing contractor. If they do not purchase insurance, you should look for another service.